Pre and Post Natal Training

Pre-Natal Training

The benefits of training during pregnancy are now widely accepted. The type of training that can be done is largely dependent upon the pre-pregnancy activity and fitness levels of the mum-to-be. Training during pregnancy is a great way to maintain a healthy weight, improve posture and pelvic floor control, improve balance and coordination as your body changes shape. It is also a great way to increase strength and stamina helping with the physical demands of pregnancy, labour and post-natal recovery.

Post-Natal Training

It is often recommended that you wait at least six weeks following a conventional birth before starting exercise again, longer following a caesarean birth. However depending upon the type of birth and pre-natal exercise levels training can sometimes be started straight away. Training will initially focus on recovery, postural correction and boosting of mood and sense of well-being. The focus of training will then shift to weight loss and regaining of your pre-pregnancy figure whilst developing strength and fitness.


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